Mysotis arvensis

Family: Boraginaceae

Type of weed:


This common garden escapee is an annual or perennial which grows up to 40cm high. The flowers are bright blue with a yellow throat. It flowers from spring to summer and produces numerous small brown seeds which attach themselves to anything that passes by. It is native to both Europe and Asia. It has a hairy stem with leaves which are oval at the base and taper to lance shaped. They become smaller as they as they are arranged alternately up the stem.


By wind and attaching themselves to anything that brushes past.

Impact on bushland

Grows alongside drainage lines. Has the potential to form dense stands and reduce biodiversity of riparian vegetation communities.



Alternative planting

Native plants

  • Cut-leaved Daisy (Brachyscome multifida)
  • Ivy-leaved Violet (Viola hederacea)

Council provides a tool, on its Mountain Landscapes website, to help you choose native alternative plantings. Choose your village, soil, vegetation community and the purpose of your planting, and the tool will give you suggestions.

There are native nurseries in several Blue Mountains villages, including Glenbrook, Lawson and Katoomba. Please also ask at your favourite local nursery.


Plants can be pulled out by hand, making sure that all roots are removed to prevent resprouting. Follow-up is necessary to target any resprouting individuals.

It is best to treat before the plants flower and set seed. Bag and remove any flowers/seeds.

For key points on these techniques: