Digging out

Trowel digging down beside tap root
Hand digging

Elsewhere on this site you will find advice on using herbicides to control weedy plants. This often causes minimal disturbance and less germination of seedlings. But if you have the energy and the space in your garden you can almost always dig instead, making sure that you remove all the parts of the plant from which it can regrow.

Ensure there is no erosion of cleared soil by wind or water, e.g. by mulching. See Erosion Alert

  • Seedlings and small plants may be pulled by hand when the soil is moist.
  • Plants with bulbs, corms or tubers (e.g. Montbretia, Madeira Vine) may need deep digging to ensure complete removal. Bag bulbs, corms and tubers and send to the tip; do not compost.
  • Removal of well established Agapanthus will require a mattock, or even a crowbar. Try cutting through large clumps with an axe.